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 About me

Sometimes you have to go a long way round to show what's in you and to arrive at your goal, as did Christine, a Photographer, from Hamburg in Germany.

In the Chinese horoscope she's a horse which is adventurous, ambitious, loves freedom and who sees life as an adventure. Her principle is the "Yang" which means creativity and light.


Her father was an enthusiastic hobby-photographer and inspired her to learn. Since she can remember she always had a film camera.  In Paris, where she lived for several years, her friends told her, that she could sell her pictures as postcards. So she talked with professionals to see what they thought about her photos and learned much from their knowledge and advice.   

Before leaving Paris to move to Florida she went to the Photo-fair where professionals critique photos. And one of her pictures, which she shot on one of her travels to NYC, was perfect in the opinion of the reviewing professionals. 

Ever since she was a fighter and then she knew, that she really can reach her goal. 

Arriving in Fort Myers, FL with a short break in Miami she here discovered her strong passion for Pin Ups, portraits, classical cars and pets. 

Her biggest passion is Photography. She loves to have people in front of her camera, especially curvy beauties. It's more like a fantastic hobby than a job. Her heart, soul and honesty goes into every shoot. She has it in her blood. 

And she continues to fight and follow her dreams. That made her win the first place in a photo contest and she had a Photo Exhibit and 2 shows at the Art Walks. 

And in April 2018 she and her dog Shawnee moved to Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy. A beautiful little town close to the beach, where she still continues to fight and follow her dream.

Let's work together

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